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What Makes Panthera Leadership Different

A conceptual look at leadership and associated concepts.

What’s the old adage? The only thing constant is change. The pace of new technology, our changing workforce with evolving employee expectations, and the demand for more inclusive and equitable work practices can leave even the best-intentioned leaders scratching their heads. For today’s leaders to be successful they need to be able to quickly gain the skills required to motivate, inspire and empower diverse teams to achieve innovative business results.Based upon our work with hundreds of leaders from Fortune 50 corporations to startups, and from professional services firms to government organizations, we’ve developed a proprietary method that helps leaders become high-performing by teaching them how to do the following:

  1. Demonstrate competence
  2. Ask for what the need and expect to get it
  3. Deliver messages that are listened to and acted upon
  4. Impact decisions across the organization
  5. Complement formal authority and personal influence
  6. Be inclusive
  7. Empower others

Each month, we’ll dive deeper into each of these 7 capabilities, sharing research, real-life examples and tools for you to develop your skills and reach higher levels of performance for both you and your business.

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