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Leadership Workshops

Leadership at the Pace of Change

The old adage ‘what got you here won’t get you there’ is never more true than when talking about leadership in our time. With the constant changes, it’s hard to keep up with the latest and greatest – and deliver at scale to your business.  At Panthera Leadership we keep abreast of the latest research and thought-leadership to bring you leadership development programs that are appropriate for multiple levels within your organization. 

In addition, our leadership development specialists can custom deliver workshops, labs, off-sites, and bootcamps based upon your business strategy and corporate values. Our objective is to focus our services on the areas that matter the most for your success.

Let us prepare your leaders for rapid change?

Workshops and Seminars

Leadership Workshops

Panthera Leadership has a mission: to build and advance leaders at every level.  Our learning programs take leading practices from leaders who’ve been there and apply them to case studies from real-world situations that go far beyond typical workshops. We engage the group in deep discussions and solutions that build meaningful relationships within each cohort.  Representative workshops include the following topics:

  • The Power of Personal Relationships
  • Communicating with Impact
  • Managing Your Energy as a Leader
  • Removing Barriers to Success

Executive Off-sites

Sometimes you just need to get outside.  When your leaders need to dive deep into strategy, planning and building a stronger leadership team, getting off campus will free your mind to focus on the matter at hand.  Our customized executive off-sites serve you in having more impact.

Keynote Addresses

Looking for a keynote speaker? Founder and CEO Felicia Lyon inspires audiences into action and improves their leadership skills through her engaging, witty and powerful storytelling talents.

Assessments to Improve Employee or Performance

Even the most aware leaders can have blind spots.  By using “Fit-For-Purpose” assessments, Panthera Leadership leverages a data-driven approach to help your leaders capitalize on strengths, identify derailers and blindspots, and build personal development plans that will catapult your leaders to the next level of performance. 

Women Accelerated Bootcamp

Our tailored learning programs take leading practices from female leaders across various types of businesses and blend these practices with case studies from real-world situations to create an experiential learning opportunity for women. Participants will walk away from this bootcamp with an actionable playbook to help them manage their career, get clarity on what relationships to foster, and have a deeper sense of community within their cohort.  Over the course of 7 weeks, participants will participate in 2-hour modules covering: