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Executive Coaching

Creating Powerful Leaders

The Panthera team has served hundreds of leaders across Fortune 50 corporations to startups and from professional services firms to government organizations.  We’ve coached them, guided them and partnered with them through transformations, challenges and big wins. We’ve stood alongside them as they’ve faced their own hurdles, grew and learned.  

From our experience and observations, we find that the best leaders – Panthera Leaders – possess these key capabilities:

Achieves effective leadership through self-awareness
Builds a coaching culture through accountability
Develops others through delegation and empowerment
Shares a compelling vision through storytelling
Brings order to chaos through systems, process, and technology
Integrates life and work balance to be more impactful and successful

Through a seven-step, proprietary transformative method, Panthera Leadership empowers leaders to change their lives,
and the organizations they lead, for the better.

Coaching Services

Each of our coaching programs go deep into the areas where your leaders need the most support. Working with a one-on-one coach affords you a tailored approach for your leader’s development so they can work on the areas that matter most for them as an individual and  you can maximize your return on investment in your people.

Executive Coaching

Your business requires leaders to possess specific competencies and the ability to work within your unique culture. Leveraging industry leading assessments, Panthera Leadership can identify individual leader strengths to capitalize on and provide coaching for development opportunities.

Emerging Leader Coaching

Leadership happens at every level in your business.  Retaining and growing your next generation of leaders is critical for sustained performance.  By tailoring a leadership development plan for the unique needs of your leaders, you’ll get the best return on investment of your leadership development efforts.

Women In Leadership Coaching

One-sized does not fit all, especially when it comes to building an inclusive organization.  Women leaders face different challenges when building their capabilities and political capital in business today.  Panthera Leadership’s Women in Leadership Coaching program focuses on the specific challenges women face, and work with your women leaders to step into higher levels across your business.

We have services to meet your unique needs.