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Preparing Today's Leaders for Tomorrow's Challenges

Preparing Today’s Leaders for Tomorrow’s Challenges

Hello, I’m Felicia Lyon, as founder and CEO I’m excited to introduce you to Panthera Leadership. We are an organization dedicated to preparing today’s leaders for tomorrow’s challenges. We coach and develop CEO’s, business executives and business owners to help them handle the challenges of a constantly evolving business environment. The pace of new technology, our changing workforce with new and different employee expectations, and the demand for more inclusive and equitable work practices can leave even the best-intentioned leaders scratching their head.

What Makes Panthera Leadership Unique?

What makes Panthera unique is our two decades of experience working with executives at the center of the innovative ecosystem which is the culture, the leadership capabilities and the organization itself to determine the right levers to pull and to push to create a highly engaged high-performing business. Our real-world experience guides our leadership development framework and the Panthera leadership model.

How We Serve Our Clients
At Panthera Leadership we serve our clients in three ways:

1) First, through leadership consulting where we work with you hand in hand to assess the best way to create a high performing leadership team and a high performing business based upon your unique ecosystem.

2) Second, with our one-on-one executive coaching, we work directly with CEOs, business leaders and business owners who are tired of hitting their head against the proverbial leadership wall. We help you with targeted coaching to have a greater impact in the business you lead.

3) And third, through our Leadership Workshops and our Bootcamps. We arm your emerging leaders with the tools and capabilities to lead your business tomorrow.

To improve your leadership, and have a lasting impact in your business, called Panthera Leadership today (858) 333-8994.