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Now Is The Time To Pursue Your Executive Career Goal

At the beginning of 2020, no one was thinking about a pandemic or the economy crashing. We were thinking about how we were going to level-up our lives and our career: going on an adventure, landing that promotion, starting a business, and doing the things we didn’t complete in 2019.

The normalcy of our professional life has changed. Almost overnight, everything turned upside down due to the pandemic. Now that we’re fully emerged into July, we have two options on how we move forward. We can flood our minds with what is happening daily in the press and allow fear to overshadow our thoughts and actions OR we can be optimistic and find our personal silver lining and take the reins of our lives and careers in this new normal.

Even though the pandemic has brought uncertainty, fear, and economic devastation, it also brings a level of opportunity each of us can seize. We are entering a lot of newnesses and a time where we will continue to experience a lot of change.  

Yet, you CAN still catapult your career, start a new career, business or reconstruct your business. It’s not a time to sit on your hands and wait. Even with the economy being unstable corporate America will emerge. We are resourceful. We are scrappy. We are determined. And we can find the opportunities that will be available. 

Some businesses are going to redesign how their employees will work, whether it will be at home, in the office, or a hybrid model. Some positions may be eliminated, new positions will be created and others will evolve and change. This is where opportunity will enter, and you must be ready.

Being ready means a relentless pursuit of self-mastery. What are your strengths to leverage and what are your derailers that could hold you back? Be intentional to your own personal and professional growth and development.

You always need to have a clear path and a vision. It doesn’t matter if you are currently in an executive leadership role, mid-level management, or running a successful business, it is essential to always perform exceptionally well and be on your A-game. 

Being on your A-game means producing results. You know what you want to accomplish daily, weekly, and quarterly. What are you going to do to meet and exceed the goals? And how are you going to build in the right boundaries and avoid burnout in the process? 

There are two important things you must always know and accept; one, what is expected from you and accepting the risk that comes along with being an executive or business owner. This will be a great help when you encounter the challenges you will face.

Every successful woman has faced a lot of challenges and issues while climbing to the top of building a successful career. It’s a known fact that we have to work hard and not be afraid to do so. You don’t let the chatter and actions of those who may not agree with you deter you from what you believe in and what you know will work.

This is why you must plan accordingly and continue learning. This is not a one and done action. You are always adopting new practices, skills, and traits that will continue to elevate your career. 

Don’t be afraid to take on tough assignments and things you may not have all the solutions because it will increase the high-level skills that will help you to continue to break through the ceilings. 

Become a critical thinker, be innovative, be solutions-oriented, and don’t be afraid to be transparent. These are a few skills that are very useful for your career, and you will use them daily.

All of this can be done at an accelerated rate if you focus on it and plan. You have to really want it and not just say, well, this looks good, and I think I can make it happen. No, you have to step up and say, this is what I want, and I am going to go after it and make it happen.

Once you say that with confidence, belief, and you start doing the work, there is no turning back!

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