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Meet Felicia Lyon, Founder and CEO of Panthera Leadership

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Meet Felicia Lyon
Hi, I’m Felicia Lyon, founder and CEO of Panthera Leadership. It’s been my aim to have a career in service of others and at the young age of 21, I decided to begin my career as a police officer. After living my very own version of Law and Order, Special Victims Unit for five years, I decided there had to be a better way to have an impact.

Masters in Industrial and Organizational Psychology
I set off to have a master’s degree in industrial and organizational psychology, which basically means I bring the principles of behavior and motivation, and the theories of psychology, into the business world. Now, with a degree in hand, I chartered my course for impact. I thought that working for a large consulting firm, serving large clients, meant that I could increase the impact of my work. I spent well over a decade doing just that–working with one of the largest consulting firms in the world. I’ve worked with clients spanning the fortune 50 list, I’ve worked with state and local governments and I’ve worked internationally in the UK, Russia, Afghanistan, and Mexico.

As you can imagine, I’ve learned a lot over the last two decades and the one thing, in particular, that brings me here to you today is the fact that no matter how great the product, or the service or the market position, the path to high-performing organizations, with highly engaged employees, rests solely in the hands of the leaders that run these organizations. And, in today’s environment, the demands on our leaders are greater than ever.

Helping Leaders Step into Their Full Potential
The hundreds of leaders that I’ve worked with, consulted with and coached have inspired me to launch Panthera Leadership, with the sole focus of helping leaders step into their full potential. Leaders who are agile, who can lead a multifaceted workforce, who are future-focused and who are capable of dealing with today’s complex management challenges.

Panthera Leadership Services
At Panthera Leadership, we serve our clients in three ways. First, through leadership consulting where we work with you hand in hand to assess the best way to create a high-performing leadership team and high-performing business based upon your unique ecosystem. Second, with our one-on-one executive coaching, we work directly with CEOs, business leaders, and business owners who are tired of hitting their heads against the proverbial leadership wall. We help you with targeted coaching to have a greater impact on the business you lead. And third, through our leadership workshops and our boot camps, we arm your emerging leaders with the tools and capabilities they need to lead your business tomorrow and improve their leadership and have a lasting impact on your business.

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