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Helping You Transform in the Age of COVID-19

No one could have anticipated or planned for this pandemic. Now in our sixth month of quarantine, businesses are still struggling to operate amongst the fear and uncertainty that comes along with social distancing. Figuring out how to operate from home or with minimal face-to-face action has led to a turbulently- changing work climate. Some job positions are rapidly downsizing, while others adding new members to the workforce weekly. The climate surrounding the workforce is ever-adapting to new challenges that this pandemic is bringing. All this change can be anxiety-provoking, but it is among this change that opportunity shines through the dark clouds of COVID-19. By setting goals for yourself and being at your A-game, you can produce outstanding results.

Executive leadership. CEO Mindset.
CEO Mindset

Reach For Your Goals

Panthera Leadership wants to help you accelerate your career and create a life you love! Leadership development starts with you, and you can transform your business with AIM-SMART, a process specially designed to see how your experiences can expand into your life and your career.

If you look at your goals with AIM, you’ll be able to work towards what you really want in life. AIM has a double meaning here, not just as what you hope to achieve, but also how to achieve it. The A stands for Acceptable. What is the acceptable amount of work you have to strive for in order to meet the goal you’re looking to achieve? This looks at the minimum amount of work you would need to accomplish to achieve your goal. Allowing yourself to set this boundary in your work will help you be more concise and focused in completing your goal. The I stands for Ideal; to meet your goal, what is the ideal amount of work that you can complete? Here, you look for the maximum amount of work you can accomplish in order to get to your goal. Like the A in AIM, the I is there to assist you in accomplishing your goal by looking at your personal abilities and forming an ideal way to perform to the best of your abilities. The M in AIM stands for Middle. What is a realistic amount of work that you can actually accomplish towards your goal? By factoring in the reasonable amount of work you can complete, you open the conversation with yourself to determine how best to work towards your goal.

Leading the path to high performance. Executive coaching.
Leading the way

Change your Leadership for High-Performance

Everyone leads differently. Finding the most effective way for you to use your talents to lead those around can help boost your performance in businesses and help your business succeed. Using AIM-SMART to focus your leadership will allow your leadership to thrive and prosper. AIM helps you focus your abilities on your goal, and adding SMART will enforce your ability to lead and uplift your business among the uncertainty of COVID-19. The S in SMART is a smart first step, because the S stands for Specific. What is the first step you need to do to complete your goal? Using a specific set of steps to determine the best way in reaching your goal allows you to lay the groundwork for yourself and those you lead in how to most efficiently complete goals. Looking at the first step helps narrow down what needs to happen to achieve what you want to accomplish. The M stands for Measurable. In this case, it refers to the specific steps you need to get to your goal, and how you can frame your success as you complete them. Measurable ways to celebrate completion of goals helps boost morale and productivity. Your business will thrive when you hold incentives and reward success every step of the way. The A looks to whether the goal is Achievable. Is this first step towards your goal achievable? Setting impossible goals will dishearten your team rather than uplift them, and your leadership will suffer. Having achievable goals helps reach the incentives you’ve set for success and allows your business to work towards a brighter and more effective future. The R in SMART stands for Reasonable, working hand-in-hand with achievability. Will you reasonably be able to achieve this goal at this moment? With the confines of social distancing, pushing yourself and your team past what you can reasonably achieve will build frustration. Making sure all goals are reasonable will lift the morale of your team and alleviate any additional anxieties. The final letter in SMART is T, which stands for Time. What is the due date for this first step? Is it a reasonable amount of time? Planning your time wisely will allow you to work at your most efficient for yourself and your business, allowing your leadership to stimulate your team and brighten the future.

Celebrating Success. CEO Coach.
Success Mindset

Executive Coaching for the Future

Looking for the silver lining of this pandemic can be a struggle, but focusing on your career and how you can better the future for your business and yourself can help relieve the daily stresses of quarantine. Panthera Leadership is here for you, and offers executive coaching to help bring you to the next step in your life. Why shouldn’t you let yourself thrive by living a life you love and working towards accelerating your career? If this pandemic has taught us anything, it is that we all must live life to the fullest. While the world is constantly changing, you must take it in stride and adapt to what you can do for a better future.

Executive coaching is available to help build your own abilities and allow you leadership to soar. With a little bit of coaching, you can reach success!

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