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Cooped up, Zoomed out, and frustrated!

You enjoy your career or running your successful venture. You accept all the challenges and obstacles that come along with it, but something is missing. You are not experiencing the drive and stamina you had when you were making big things happen. You don’t feel the way you used to about your job or business. 

You are not feeling like the high achiever you always were throughout your career. Something is missing. You lost your edge, and it’s causing you to question a lot of things.

The high achiever you always were throughout your career seems to be out of reach. You are sitting at a crossroad, and you’re thinking is it time for a career change or maybe a YOU change?

For some, a career change is what you are seeking, but for most, they want to know how they can get back to the person that was outperforming others daily. You don’t need to quit and pursue a new career. Sometimes you need to rediscover your passion. You need to get the flame back. You need to start challenging and competing with yourself again.

Every high achiever executive or business owner experiences this at some point in their career. 

It doesn’t always mean it’s time for you to change your career or change your business. There are numerous reasons you could be feeling this way, but one of the reasons is becoming complacent with your role.

You’ve been in your position for a long time, and the things that excited you before seem mundane. Even though you hit your benchmarks every month or quarter, you are not going beyond.  You are not taking advantage of new opportunities. The risks you used to take have stopped, and you don’t network as you did in the past.

The most common actions that happen with complacency is you become disengaged; you stop taking the initiative with things you would jump on quickly. The passion you used to have is minimal, and you are disenchanted about work. The urgency is gone, and the productivity levels begin to slip. 

When you are experiencing this, you have to step back and do a complete evaluation to determine how and why you became complacent. You have to bring back the high performing person you used to be and reinvent yourself so this will not happen again.

To begin the process of figuring out exactly what is going on. You have to answer the questions below. You have to know exactly why you are feeling the way you do and determine why you have become complacent. 

This process is going to bring clarity about your role and all the tasks you are responsible for daily. It will remind you of why you are in this role. By answering these four questions, it is going to help you to revisit your values and personal mission statement.

Put in the time to answer the four questions so you can begin your journey back to the high performing person you are.

  1. What were you doing when you were consistently a high achiever, making deals and taking names? 
  1. What is going on currently that’s prohibiting you from being that person? 
  1. What limitations have you imposed upon yourself? 
  1. How are you going to get back to the high achiever that propelled you to your position?

The answers to your questions are going to help you create a plan to get you back to the high achiever that led you to your current role. The clarity you will obtain from your answers will help you reinvent your career and be better than you were before.

The new and better you will emerge as a leader who is going to go after what you want and this time you will be aware of complacency, and you will have a blueprint to meet it head on if it starts to resurface. 

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