High-Performance Leadership Consulting



At Panthera Leadership, we do not believe in a one-size fits all consulting solution.

Your unique business has unique challenges, market conditions, corporate culture, mission, vision and values. In order to create a high-performing organization, Panthera Leadership takes a 4-phase approach. This phased approach allows your leadership team to prioritize and plan for the recommendations we make. It provides them with time to organize the team and build the sponsorship needed to move the business forward during the engagement and development process.

Your business is unique. In our first phase, we dive deep into your specific culture, challenges, and opportunities to get to the root causes and be armed with the right insights leading into design.


Now that we have clarity on the issues and opportunities, we design the leadership program that will drive the most performance improvement, align your leaders, and engage your people.


Business happens. And with the right leadership solutions, it's critical to stage the roll out in a way for maximum impact and minimal disruption to the business.


We won't just leave you to fend for yourself. We will partner with you and your team to make sure the solutions deliver the intended impact - and will monitor for the full impact on your improved business results.



Leadership Assessment

Are your leaders hitting a wall?  Are you ready to step your business into high-gear, yet worried that your leadership team may not be ready to go with you? Not sure exactly which steps to take to get the most out of your people investment? By taking an inside-out look at your leadership team, Panthera Leadership can dive deep into your leadership team and create a tailored program to bolster your leadership team’s performance and ensure you that your business will have sustainable growth.

High-Performance Leadership Lab

High performing leadership teams are clear about their purpose and the reality of their situation. They manage internal differences and align their efforts, messages and business priorities. Finally, high performing leadership teams have the capability to organize and execute their strategic priorities through to completion. Working with your leadership team, Panthera Leadership can define your team profile and facilitate a series of exercises that will bring your team together – helping you outperform your peers.

Executive Off-Sites

Sometimes you just need to get outside.  When your leaders need to dive deep into strategy, planning and building a stronger leadership team, getting off campus will free your mind to focus on the matter at hand.  Our customized executive off-sites serve you in having more impact.

Keynote Addresses

Looking for a keynote speaker to inspire your team? Founder and CEO Felicia Lyon inspires audiences to action and improves their leadership skills through her engaging, witty and powerful storytelling talents.


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