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7 Key Components To Effective Leadership

7 Key Components to Effective Leadership

Hi, I’m Felicia Lyon, founder and CEO of Panthera leadership. Are you a leader tired of hitting your head against the proverbial leadership wall? Are you amazed at the pace of change and find yourself longing for yesteryear and less technology? We’ve worked with hundreds of leaders just like you from Fortune 50 to start up, from professional services firms to government organizations. We’ve coached them, guided them and partnered with them through transformational challenges and big wins. We’ve stood alongside them as they face their own hurdles, grew and learned.


The Panthera Leadership Model

I’d like to introduce you to the Panthera leadership model. It sits at the intersection of your leadership style, the culture of your business, and the organization you lead. The Panther leadership model to creating high-performing leaders centers on 7 key components:

  1. Are you able to demonstrate your competence
  2. Are you able to ask for what you need and expect that you’ll actually get it
  3. Can you deliver messages that are listened to and acted upon
  4. Do your decisions impact across the larger organization
  5. Are you able to compliment your formal authority with influence
  6. Are you inclusive
  7. Are you in able to empower others

To improve your leadership and have a lasting impact in your business call Panthera leadership today at (858) 333-8994.